Revs. Joshua and Mitzi Phelan

Revs. Joshua and Mitzi Phelan are the pastors of Christ Gospel Church in Middle Tennessee. Rev. Joshua Phelan has a fascinating story regarding how he came to join Christ Gospel Church and become a minister all in just under a year.

He was merely doing a Google search of Pentecostal women preachers, and he came across Rev. Hicks’ name. He began watching LiveStream and doing research. He said that he read everything he could find on Rev. Hicks and Christ Gospel Church – even the negative books and websites that post absurd cult allegations. After doing his own exhaustive research, he decided to contact the main headquarters; he joined Christ Gospel Church shortly thereafter.

His wife, Rev. Mitzi Phelan, who was initially skeptical of her husband’s desire to join Christ Gospel Church, said that she had never seen an “elderly woman preaching up a storm” before. But as she too started studying and learning, she also found that the Word of God became more open and relevant to her in her daily life.

Christ Gospel Church did not have an affiliate in his area, so he started his own church! It’s an amazing and inspiring story.