Sis. Regina Marks

Recently, I was reading Trade Your Guilt For Joy, one of Rev. Hicks’ shortest tracts, when I learned that I was carrying a tremendous depression from guilt, but I didn’t even realize it.

In this book, Rev. Hicks wrote, “Christ’s River of Remission, provided by His Blood, the Water of His Death, His Faith, and His Righteousness, can free us and cleanse us from the tormenting worm of guilt in our conscious that never sleeps nor ever leaves any peace from its scorpion-stings.”

A spiritual light came on and my eyes were opened. I went right to the scene in my mind…

I was eight or nine years old. The family was getting ready to have a barbeque. My mom was preparing the grill and getting ready to light the coals, when she went inside to go get something.

I wanted to help. I thought the coals needed more lighter-fluid, so I started spraying more lighter-fluid, without permission, onto a burning barbeque grill.

The fire immediately blew up in my nephew’s face. He started screaming, running around hysterically. My sister went running after him to try to catch him, and I ran after them. I was horrified. He was screaming, just screaming. My sister caught him and started rolling with him. She brought him back to the house and we called 911. He was sitting on the couch, screaming.

I kept apologizing, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” After he went to the hospital, I don’t remember anything after that. I just blanked it out. I don’t really remember anything after he went away in an ambulance.

My sister never blamed me. My nephew never blamed me. We never talked about it until he was older when he said he never blamed me. He said, “I forgive you! We were children.” Ever since that happened, I wouldn’t go near grills. My husband would have to start the grill and I couldn’t even be around a barbeque until everything was cooked. I would just wait inside the house because the flames reminded me of this horrendous experience.

Despite my nephew’s gracious forgiveness, I still carried this incredible pain from the time that I was eight or nine years old, until I was fifty-one years old.

As soon as I read that sentence in that book, I began to cry. I became broken. I realized that the sorrow, sadness, pain, misery, and depression that I had been carrying was “guilt”.

Immediately, I fell on my knees and gave my guilt to the Blood of Jesus Christ. I had instant relief and literally felt set free – more than forty years later. I have never been the same since. I no longer carry that guilt. God’s forgiveness has moved me beyond what I thought was possible.

What sets Christ Gospel Church apart from other churches is the fact that we learn how to grow in God. Spiritual growth is not a one-time trip to the altar, but it is a daily opportunity to see where we are not like Jesus. God is Faithful to reveal to us the areas which are not like Him, and we then have the awesome opportunity to take that portion to Him by way of repentance, asking for His precious Blood to cleanse us.

I wanted to share this story because the deliverance was awesome. People need to know they can trade their guilt for joy. I hope this encourages people to apply themselves to read and seek God’s Face, because you never know when He’ll set you free. You never know when it’s your appointed time for deliverance.

Regina Marks
Indianapolis, Indiana