The Testimony of our Pastor, Rev. B. R. Hicks, Founder of Christ Gospel Churches International, Inc.

Rev. B. R. Hicks

Several years ago, Rev. B. R. Hicks sat down to share online her own personal testimony of her early life. Hicks opened up and revealed aspects of her early childhood that she had never done so publicly before.

She discussed her life both before and after the Great Depression. She also recounted the heart-wrenching experience of losing both her big sister and her father within a short period of time: both passed away right in front of Hicks when she was a young child. She also experienced a number of other misfortunes as a child; some of which were life-threatening.

Sister Hicks revealed that she viewed her father as her “reason for living.” She explained that she didn’t mind being poor as long as she had her father, who she described as her hero. But she lost him to Tuberculosis, which was common in the early 20th century.

She also explained the pain she experienced when her mother – now a widow – put all of her children up for adoption in order to find a new husband. Her mother never explained her rationale or visited her children in the orphan’s home. She merely dropped her kids off at the train station and literally pushed them onto the train.

In the orphans’ home, Hicks experienced a number of difficulties. Corporal punishment borderlined on abuse in the 1930s. Also, medical students would “practice” medical procedures on orphans back then. Hicks recalled how they attempted to remove her tonsils without giving her any pain medication; the experience was physically excruciating, and it created health problems for her that have lasted for her entire life. Hicks said that she literally cried herself to sleep every night in the orphanage. 

She revealed that these terrible experiences made her bitter and angry and full of hate. She also made an extremely personal revelation regarding the depths of despair she was feeling at the time, for it was more than she felt she could cope with. 
And yet, despite these tremendous hardships, Hicks credited her faith in God for helping her find meaning and purpose in her life.

We hope to be extending this series in the future.



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