Bro. Ian Bruton

Ian Bruton is a physical therapist based in Southern Indiana. As the son of a successful Ivy-league educated lawyer, he had many privileges and opportunities. But he confesses in this interview that he always felt as if life was missing something. To compensate for this void, he experimented with drug use as a teenager, and the issue became an addiction that he’s struggled with to this day. He gives a tremendously courageous and inspiring interview of how he found the Lord and how he averted a terrible downward spiral with drug and alcohol abuse.

Bruton reveals how he views his faith and his church as a solid rock upon which he leans in times of temptation. He acknowledges that battling addiction is a lifelong struggle, but he notes that all humans are sinners and have their own personal issues. He also recounts how Sister Hicks has encouraged him and stood by him over the years. He says, “Yes, I fall, and I have fallen, and I will fall. But I always have a rock to crawl back to, a solid foundation, that will carry me through the darkest times of my life.”